Tomei - Bestende
Bestende è un’azienda produttrice di tende da sole e vetrate panoramiche, con sede ad Ornago, in Brianza. Monza e Brianza.
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Stained-glass windows

About it

Tenda Tomei

Sliding closed glazing with side panels with glazed panels, without vertical profiles. The horizontal sliding windows, designed for perimeter closures, are an effective protective tool to isolate the environments from the elements while preserving the visibility, and ensuring solidity, reliability, functionality and fluidity in sliding.  Tomei is a closing system with tempered glass doors that run parallel and can be packed on both sides.

A new way to change the space, a simple and modular structure, the system is extremely versatile, ideal for terraces, winter gardens or outdoor spaces for the public with a great sense of freedom. The application of the sliding window is ideal for optimizing spaces on balconies, terraces, gardens and restaurants, increasing the feeling of space, using natural light.

Why choose TOMEI

Aesthetic zero impact

Thermal abatement.

Noise abatement.

Generate new spaces.

Practicality of use.

Energy saving.

Protects from atmospheric events.

CE UNI - EN14351-1 mark.

Fully recyclable materials.

Air permeability

(according to UNI-EN 12207: 2000)

Slider Tomei glass 10mm Class 1
Resistance to wind force

147 Km/h

Slider Tomei glass 10mm 1100 Pa
Resistance to opening and closing cycles

(according to UNI-EN 12207: 2000) </ td>

Class 2 (10000 cycles)
Frame heat transfer coefficient

(according to UNI-EN ISO 10077-2: 2012)

UPPER FRAME = 6.0 W / m2K
LOWER FRAME = 6.2 W / m2K
Thermal transmission coefficient with 3 doors

(according to UNI-EN ISO 10077-2: 2012)

Glass 10mm 5.5W / m2K
(lower frame recessed)
5.5W / m2K
(standard lower frame)

    • Profiles: Aluminum
    • Bearing supports: Stainless steel
    • Plates: Stainless steel
    • Screws: Stainless steel

Donwload installation manual

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